Thursday, December 10, 2009

Back to Vittoria's School

August 28, 2005
Vittoria's first day of school. She is 4 years old and ready to learn!

(Her school is in the background)

(Mom's Turn)A few weeks ago, as I putting Vittoria's backpack away in her closet, I found a book in it called "A Vampire's Vacation". I remember the day she brought home from school so she could read it. I had to smile: the cover has this funny looking vampire on it and I thought it would provide her some amusing entertainment in her free time. And I also knew very well why she had chosen that specific book: she had just watched "Twilight" and I think she thought this book was something like the movie. I never did ask her, and now I can just guess. I don't know why I waited so long, in my heart maybe I was hoping that she would have to come back to finish reading it.
Anyway, last week I finally decided that it had to go back to the school among other things and so today, James, Jacomo and I went to Vittoria's school.
I think I can speak for James too, when I say that we were anxious and nervous, maybe a little bit scared this morning. As we pulled up in the parking lot, my heart was pounding so loud and my hands were shaking so bad, my eyes were already swimming in tears, and I was trying my best to keep it all together.
There is something I have to say about this wonderful school: as soon as you walk in, it's like walking among family, you get hugs, tears, support and love, all in one. And as we walked in Vittoria's class, we got welcomed and greeted by the awesome teachers that Vittoria absolutely adores and her classmates whom Vittoria enjoyed so much. Jacomo I think was the main attraction: he got surrounded by maybe 10-15 of Vittoria's friends and he was loved, hugged, taken on a tour of the class and made feel he was among his friends. Some of these incredible kids even came to the funeral and today they gave us the sweetest and most moving letters they wrote to us and Vittoria I could ever imagine.
They even asked to hug us, and let me tell you, there is nothing more touching and comforting than a child's hug: it's sincere and heartfelt.
The whole time I was in the class, I could "see" my little girl, among her friends and favorite teachers, just showing off her little brother and walking around her class looking at the many different works on the walls. We can't say enough about the remarkable teachers who have taught and supported, encouraged and followed, and cared for our little girl throughout the years. Thank you, Ms. Debbie, Ms. Brooke and Ms. Gimenia! And to Ms. Valerie and Mr. Jeff, thank you for letting our daughter be part of this awesome school!

This picture was taken on March 10, 2008 at 8:19 am. We were waiting in the car in the parking lot of the school, right before dropping off Vittoria. I love this photo! It's very tender! Vittoria's teachers know that even though this is what Vittoria looked like in the morning, when it was time to pick her in the afternoon, it was a whole different picture: she would come out of school looking like she came out of a earthquake zone: no hat, one glove on, the other in her pocket, dishevelled hair, the sleeve of the sweatshirt that she had on the morning, hanging from her backpack, with the zipper not closed and papers and stuff threatening to fall out at every step. How many times I made her go back or went myself, to look for things that she had left behind. But in the end, she was just being a kid.



  1. I remember sooo long ago, sitting at Outback with my mom, James and you. We had just visited Grandma at the hospital, and we were talking about schools. At that time I never would've guessed that when I mentioned MAR, it would become THE school for Vittoria.
    And how great was that drop-off/pick-up system where we never had to get out of the car, huh?

  2. Fabulous memories, thanks so much for sharing them with me!

  3. I'm glad your experience returning to the school was a good one Val. I can't even imagine how every little thing must make you think of and miss Vittoria constantly! You guys are still in our hearts and prayers every day. Luv u guys.