Wednesday, September 16, 2009

One Month Today

(Mom's turn) 1 month today...I can't believe it. It has been already a month...sometimes it feels like yesterday, in other ways, it is like years have passed, but still, we miss our little Vittoria more than ever. We miss her hugs and her little voice, her personality, her laughter, her soft cheeks to kiss, her clothes piled up in her closet, her shoes left all over the house, her toys left out, and her drawings scattered on James' desk.

How are we doing? We are ok, we have ups and downs, but there isnt's a moment during the day that we don't think of her. It feels like she is somewhere else, at school or at somebody's house. Our hearts ache and are broken, a piece will always be missing, but we know that she is not in pain and she is taken care of, and that's all that matters in the end. We are trying to pick up some kind of routine, I guess a new routine, but at least for me, it's weird: for almost 8 years, the days have been busy with doctors' appointments, medication, school, playdates and surgeries, and now they feel empty. But we are busy with her little brother Jacomo, who is the Energizer Bunny: always on the go, crawling everywhere, touching everything, but always with a smile on his little chubby face.

I imagine Vittoria whispering in his ear to do things just to keep us busy, so we don't think about how sad we are and focus on raising him and taking care of him.
I know some don't know what to say to us, there are no words to comfort us, at least not for me, but hugs don't need words.

Thank you for all your prayers in our behalf, for your love and support, for meals, yard sales, for the many hugs. We love you!

Little Angels

When God calls little children
to dwell with Him above,
We mortals sometime question
the wisdom of His love.
For no heartache compares with
the death of one small child
Who does so much to make our world,
seem wonderful and mild.
Perhaps God tires of calling
the aged to his fold,
So He picks a rosebud,
before it can grow old.
God knows how much we need them,
and so He takes but few
To make the land of Heaven
more beautiful to view.
Believing this is difficult
still somehow we must
The saddest word mankind knows
will always be "Goodbye."
So when a little child departs,
we who are left behind
Must realize God loves children,
Angels are hard to find.

---Unknown Author


  1. Thanks for that post. It was inspiring. I can't imagine how difficult it is to come up with a new routine when your entire life revolved around her for 8 years. I'm so grateful you have little Jacomo... he truly is a blessing from Heaven! And I'm sure she really is telling him things to do to keep you busy... and he certainly does! I love you guys! Hug!

  2. Has it really been a month?!! I'm sure you feel like your life is a sandcastle that just got washed away. You can't fix it and you can't bring it back. All you can do is build something new.

    But you'll always have the memories and lessons to help you make something big and beautiful out of the life ahead... and better yet, you have the hands of two little co-conspiring angels to guide you.

    Thinking of you! We're back at PCMC for the next couple of weeks, but after that just say the word and we'll have pasta al forno waiting.

  3. So good to hear from you Val. Thanks for those words. Lots of Love, Julie Colt

  4. Val,
    I was going to come and visit yesterday but ended up not even being able to take care of myself, well enough to get by. You are always in my thoughts. I'm setting my sights on this coming week.

  5. I loved the poem. Just keep doing it one minute at the time and we are here for anything