Tuesday, November 17, 2009

-3 Months-

(Mom's turn)- Another month has gone by and everyday life is not any easier or happier than a month ago. If anything, I personally find every single day hard and painful to go through, my heart is heavy and very sad. I don't think I have accomplished anything more this month than the last, I feel like the days are slipping by and I go on like a robot. Sometimes the grief is unbearable.

This month too we made it down to Price to be with our Family for Tori and Casey's birthdays and to take some flowers to our girl's grave, since yesterday was the 3-month mark from her passing. Our Family joined us at the cemetery and it was sure comforting to have them around, one more shoulder to cry on, and plenty of hugs to receive. With the cold weather coming, we decided to bring her some pretty silk flowers since fresh flowers won't last as long. I can't bear to see her grave with dry ugly flowers. My two nieces Taylor and Rylie made some really cute turkeys out of little pumpkins for Vittoria and it's so much more colorful and bright now. I know she would love it. Thank you girls for doing that!

I don't know if it's the holiday season getting close, but we are struggling. Anything like a smell or a song will set off major tears. We just miss our girl even more, if possible. A couple of days ago, I opened Vittoria's closet and it hit me like a slap in the face: the smell of her things, her shoes, her clothes, literally brings me to my knees.

Christmas has always been Vittoria's favorite holiday, the two of us would start listening to Christmas music on KOSY 106.5 the day after Halloween, much to James'dismay. We would beg him to let us decorate the house and put the tree up at the beginning of November, and 8 times out of 10, we would win. Now, I can't even look at the Christmas corner in my basement. It twists my heart.

But among so much sadness and pain, we have our little ray of sunshine. Little Jacomo is the one that will get us through the day, the week, and the month ahead with his smiles and also with his trouble making. Like I've said before, this little boy keeps us on our toes and since yesterday was such an emotional day for James and I, this afternoon he decided once again to get creative.

Anything wrong with this picture?
Well, this used to be a Reader's Digest cover, until Jacomo got a hold of it and decided to EAT IT!!! In order to do that, he escaped from what we call the "Moose Corral", which is basically a HEAVY children's fence we put in the family room so that he can play freely with his toys, but keeps him from wandering around the house without supervision. While I was turned around loading the dishwasher, little Hercules moved the fence away from the wall, climbed two stairs, reached for the magazine which was on the landing of the staircase and ATE IT! I turned around and the page was half gone, I looked and looked, hoping and praying to find it somewhere, but nothing. I did however noticed a little tiny piece of paper by the corner of his mouth and I was speechless. I called the nurse, who told me to call Poison Control. They told me that this kind of thing happens all the time. It's not toxic, since the amount of ink he ate was minimal and that he would be okay. They told me just to watch him and to make him drink a little bit more since paper causes constipation! Oh man!!!
Anyway, he is ok, happy as always ... I, on the other hand, have lots more gray hair and an ulcer the size of Texas!


  1. {{{{hugs}}}}
    Do you want to get together after Thanksgiving?

  2. Love that boy! He definitely is all boy and a one year old; busy, busy, busy! So glad you were able to come down and glad we were able to be there with you. We love you guys!!!

  3. Ciao cara, con i figli bisogna avere 500 occhi per riuscire in minima parte a vedere tutto quello che loro fanno. Un grosso bacione a te e alla tua famiglia spero di vederti presto