Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009



(Mom's turn)
Same Halloween costume, 7 years later.
Jacomo got to wear Vittoria's elephant costume for his very first Halloween. Good thing he did: it was cold and a little bit windy in the evening, and with everything that goes around, he was warm and protected with all that fleece (that's how Vittoria's costumes were chosen when she was younger: they had to be heavy and warm!).
The morning of the 31st it was not something I looked forward to. I just wanted the day to be over with and be done with it. But then the first wave of the "rescuers" came: Vittoria's best friend Brittney and her family came over to visit and I ended up learning how to make sugar cookies ( I know it's a shocker, but besides brownies, I don't make anything else). Jacomo had a great time with 4 little friends playing with him and loving him. After they left, James' sister Mary, her husband Luke, and daughters Tianna & Adelia arrived with more treats and food. Tianna was Aurora from "The Sleeping Beauty" and Adelia was a lamb ( get it? Mary had a little lamb!?!).

So, the three little munchkins went trick or treating in the neighborhood. Jacomo did not really care about treats, he was just happy to be outside and see other kids.
I, on the other hand, had really to force myself to take part in all this, I felt like I had to do it for our little boy, who has no fault and no clue of what's going on, and for Vittoria: she would have been so excited and the first one out the door and last one to return. But the whole time, I kept thinking that this was his first Halloween and his big sister was not there to share it with him and to celebrate it together. I didn't see the fairness in life. She was looking forward to this holiday and get all dressed up.
It was almost the end of the evening, when I saw across the street this cute little blonde blue eyed girl dressed up as Cleopatra, and that did it for me, I completely lost it. I was WAY done. I saw Vittoria in her last year costume and could not stop bawling. My heart ached so bad, and then when she showed up at our door, all I could see was my little girl and her big mischievous grin. Needless to say, I was not the best company for the rest of the evening.

Towards the end of the evening, James' brother Garth, his wife Tori and their 4 little girls came by, so of course Jacomo a.k.a. Moose was having the time of his life. All his cousins kept him entertained and busy.
Well, in the end, it was a very good thing we were not alone on this holiday, and a big thank you to family and friends that traveled long distances to be with us. I know our little girl had been with us and especially with her little brother. We love you and miss you, Vittoria!


  1. Wish we could have been there too. We love you guys and we are glad you had loved ones around even if we couldn't be!!

  2. Oh Val, you poor dear. I knew the holiday would be a hard one for you guys and unfortunately there are many more to follow...I pray for you and James during what must be a difficult time, to say the least.
    On a lighter note, I love the photos! I think this is the most Jacomo has looked like Vittoria (in my opinion) since his birth. I love the costumes of all the kids. Vittoria in her Cliopatra outfit looked so much OLDER! :) Please find a time with James when we can get together. My thoughts and prayers are always with you.