Friday, July 31, 2009

The Cousin's Lemonade Stand

(Aunt Jana writing)

Two days ago Nati was wanted to play with one of her friends and have a lemonade stand. I was busy at the moment taking care of some business calls and put her off for a moment. Then she came back in and said I have a great idea. Can we do a lemonade stand for Vittoria and can I call Taylor and Rylie and see if they want to help? So by 3:30 they were set up and selling lemonade and rice crispy treats at the end of our driveway. It the mean time Tori and I (mostly Tori) made a poster to help the girls advertise. Yesterday, they set up their lemonade stand at the end of Taylor and Rylie's driveway and were selling lemonade and cookies. Both days they had friends show up wanting to help. They have been so excited about their little business they put together to help Vittoria. They have been talking about other locations that they might be able to set up and raise more money. They have been listening to us adults talk about fundraisers and decided to come up with their own, how clever. They are amazing kids!!

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  1. Hey any fund-raising Frandsens...
    I don't know what ideas you've already come up with, but I know of a few good ones! Some of you know my sister-in-law Rashelle has cancer. A bunch of ladies from her ward wanted to set up a Relay for Life team in her honor and their team had to raise money for the American Cancer Society. They had a huge yard sale in the parking lot of a school/church and everyone in the ward donated stuff to sell. They made tons of money at the yard sale, plus Rashelle designed and sold t-shirts with "courage" and "strength" written over the top of designs. I think the team raised $10,000 which may not seem much compared to what Vittoria's medical bills will be, but it could help. I bet a lot of people would buy a t-shirt or donate stuff to a yard sale! Just let all of your followers here know what we can do to help. :)