Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saturday Night

We appreciate the ongoing love and support from so many of you. We love the comments on the blog. It helps to know we are not going through this alone. Thank you to all who have stopped by to visit with us and give support to our courageous angel. It has been such a stress relief to have family and friends here to chat with, cry with and even laugh with. (all of which within a 20 second period sometimes)

Vittoria had a somewhat stable day. She started to bleed a lot again in the early afternoon. They decided to try a medicine to let the blood clot a little. The problem is that we don't want clots because of the ECMO machine. They could break off and go back into her body. Weighing the risks, that is better than going back in and traumatizing the heart again. It's been through enough already and it is the part we are trying to heal. The bleeding slowed down for a while. It picked back up a bit this evening. We will keep our fingers crossed and pray that it works until Monday.

Jim, Donata, Michael, and mom put together a music compilation with Vittoria's favorite songs. Then we had to call in our favorite technology wizard, Spencer, who stopped by to help transfer it to a CD. (So some of us are a little challenged that way.... what can I say??) Mom took it in to Vittoria as a little surprise. It started out with Toby Keith's "Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue" and she popped her eyes open when it talked about the boot in their... well, she usually tries to edit that part when she sings it. The next song was Taylor Swift's "Love Story" which is Vittoria's favorite song and she opened her eyes and looked around for a little while. I guess music heals. Again tonight when our Bishop and I went in to see her, we started the music and when we played "Love Story" she opened her eyes again and looked around. It is so encouraging to see these little things that bring so much hope and joy.

Again we are so humbled by the tremendous outpouring of love and faith for our little angel. We are so grateful for Sunday to be here and that so many people, congregations of many faiths, will be praying for our little girl. We especially want to thank our ward and the many other wards fasting and praying for our Vittoria. We love and appreciate you all.

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  1. I love Vittorias braids, it sure is the little things that make all the difference! Have you heard the Jon Scmidt version of Love Story? It is our absolute favorite, I'll bet Vittoria would love it too. You can find it on YouTube just type in 'Jon Schmitdt love story' into the search engine. Enjoy!
    We love you!!!