Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Hello Family and Friends. Vittoria is being a trooper and doing her best, but while she's giving it her all, we thought a blog might be the easiest way to let you all know how she is doing and any other updates the family might have. This way James isn't bombarded with texts and figuring out who knows what and all the other stuff that can be a bit much at this time. So, the goal is to have this - Vittoria's Corner - be the place to check out and see how things are going.
Just a side note, James and Val we love you and your sweet little family and are praying and praying for your beautiful, strong little girl.

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  1. Cara Vittoria noi non ti conosciamo ma siamo con te con i nostri pensieri e amore per te piccola principessina. Verremo a conoscerti presto, per adesso ricevi il nostro abbraccio e i nostri baci. We love you.
    Massimo, Teresa Giared, Miriam e Monica.