Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday Night

Vittoria had a very quiet day. It was a rest day compared to others. We had time to go in and talk to her and tell her stories. She is a brave little soul. She has been moving around a bit and responding to questions and following directions for the nurses. I had a chance to talk to her. She just looked into my eyes with such longing to be held. She cried a little. She must be so scared. I feel bad for her because it is not like she can sleep. Every ten minutes there is a bell that rings or a test to be done. Thank heavens for the drugs I guess.

Today was a marathon for me trying to work on insurance and financial stuff. Lots of programs out there. Now which ones can just an average little family qualify for? That is to be determined. Well it has been a long day and we have a ton of reading before we meet with doctors tomorrow. Have a good night! Keep our angel in your prayers!


  1. All in all, she sounds like she is doing a little bit better!

  2. I can't image how you and Val must feel. After such a long and emotional week I am glad that things are looking up so that you guys can get some rest. I am excited to know that our little angel is doing better and able to respond and let you and Val know that she loves you. I think and pray for her 24 hours a day. She is all that is on my mind. I get several phone calls a day of friends and family wanting an update on how she is doing. We love you all so very much and if there is anything that Casey, I, or the girls can do let us know. The girls are tickled pink knowing that they are helping Vittoria with their lemonade stand. We love you so much!!