Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Evening Update

We want to express our deepest, sincerest gratitude to all of you who are expressing your love, support and prayers for Vittoria and us. Words are not adequate to describe our appreciation for all of the kind tender gestures and especially the ones that normally would seem so insignificant but now carry such a powerful sense of meaning. So many of you have reached out and we thank you. Our dear friend Amy, who has lived through this type of nightmare, summed it up best when she told me that you would never even wish this experience on the devil himself. I can't agree more. At this point, as trite as it might sound, it is in God's hands and we will do our best and fight as hard as she will fight. Faith moves mountains so we will keep going.

Vittoria has had a pretty good day since I wrote last. She is starting to bleed a little more. As long as they can get it in faster than it leaks out they can manage it. The challenge with all of the machines is keeping her blood thin enough to not clot in the machine but not so thin that she can't keep it in. Last night she used 16 units. That is a lot. We are finding out more, but we need people to donate blood to ARUP in her name. They credit it toward her account. So many of you have asked "what can we do?" This is something that can be done for her. We will get the word out when we know more.

We have taken such solace in the fact that so many people all over the world and so many denominations are praying for our baby. We have had entire congregations in churches worship and pray for Vittoria. We know of an 8 year old girl who fasted an prayed for her. Her name has been placed in temples around the world. Candles have been lit all over and especially in Italy for our special sweetheart. An entire Baptist congregation prayed for her. I KNOW God is hearing every one of them and He knows her and his hand is at work. She is already a miracle and we are asking for one more. Keep praying! We love and appreciate you all. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Let us continue to unite our faith and prayers! We love you all!!


  1. I'm really excited about doing this blood donation thing! I've heard you get cookies at the end, so you KNOW I'm in!

  2. You guys r so incredible. Thank u fir sharing ur time and Vittorias story with us.

    We will continue to pray for her and your whole family.

    With love and faith...

    The family from the other side of the sitting room...