Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Going to Surgery last fall - Dad


  1. Today I've been laughing at the memory of her when she was in her sleeping princess phase. Dishcloth for an apron, and lying down waiting to awaken.

  2. Val and James this poem has really touched me, with having a baby in the hospital in the ICU and all the trials we have had. We love you and our thoughts and prayers are with you..

    Rachel and Chris Harbert

    When the Unexpected Comes ...

    Through the unexpected things
    That happens in our lives
    We draw from God the strength we need
    To carry on with Christ.

    For he will always hold us up
    whenever it gets to tough
    And carry us through the hardest times
    When we cant feel his love

    I know that at these times we feel
    Abandoned by our Lord
    We wonder what is going on
    We can't feel his presence at all

    But he has not abandoned us
    Nor forsaken us in ou need
    He allows the unexpected things
    Be life lessons we should heed

    So we will grow with deeper faith
    And be strengthened in the Lord
    Then when we face the storms of life
    We'll be stronger than before

    So when the unexpected comes
    Remeber God's in control
    And nothing in life is ever wasted
    But are memories that we hold

    So when others come across our path
    That are facing what we've faced
    We're more than able to share God's love
    And touch them with his grace.