Sunday, July 26, 2009


Wow! Change of plans.... They decided to move things up a day on taking her off the machines. They are doing it as I write. We will see how her little heart responds. She will either take off and go or we may have to go back in to clean her out, repair any bleeding and re-establish the drainage tubes that have become blocked, then put her back on the machine again. They will also do the Echo that was planned for today. Sorry it's a short post but I need to go. Thank you all again and please keep praying that this will be the beginning of the recovery.

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  1. You're in our prayers piccola Vittoria. Tu sei nelle mani di Dio. Egli ti conosce e tutte le aversita` che devi affrontare. Abbi coraggio, stiamo pregando per te. La Famiglia Palmieri