Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday Morning

We had a stable night. She is tough. The physical therapists went in to put some splints on her feet so she won't get the pointy toe and she kicked at them. She was totally responsive and following their directions. The one PT had the same birthday as her and said that they can have a party together next month and she nodded her head yes. She is a fighter. The other heart pump devices should be here this afternoon. We will have to see when they schedule the transition. No time to write much now. More later. Keep the faith! Keep praying! She'll keep fighting!


  1. We're praying. We love you & Vittoria.

  2. I'm starting to get excited!
    Still do not understand HOW or WHY they built that hospital in such an out of the way place. Its an adventure each time I make it up there. Never the same route twice.

  3. LOL! This post made me laugh so hard. She is one tough chica! Even though she cant talk right now she still knows how to let people know what she is feeling :)