Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday Morning

We have met with the transplant team members again today. They look at everything about her and us. They are doing all kinds of tests looking at all of her functions. We will know this afternoon if she will be put on the list or not. It has been quite the process. It will be quite a future. The post transplant life is just a magnification of what we have been living since she was born. Lots of doctor visits and a steady regime of medicines. The first year will be intense but gradually returning to normal.

Vittoria was pretty awake today and we were able to go in an sit with her. She indicated that she was scared and shed a tear but was comforted by our encouragement. Thank heavens for the Versed that will make her forget... (can we get some too???) the pain and what she is going through. She tried to pull out one of her tubes.... now that is the girl we know. She held my hand with her right hand and her mom's with her left hand. She is such a fighter! We love her so much!

We will see where things go today. So many external things to consider. Lots of forms and applications. So much to be done.


  1. OK, we are having a Parkwood neighborhood fundraising yard sale & bake sale on August 15th. Anyone who would like to participate or donate, please link to my blog & leave me a message. curlygirlstimes3.blogspot.com
    J & V, let us know what we can do for you.

  2. You are in our thoughts and prayers. As I am reading the update Dylan comes up to me to see how you guys are doing and to check on Vittoria and reminds me about the time at a reception at Neils House where he was playing with Vittoria. The next thing he knew Vittoria was on one side of him holding his arm and Taylor and Nattie were on the other side holding his other arm and they were playing tug a war with Dylan in the middle. Vittoria was telling the girls that Dylan was hers and they couldn't have him. What a girl. We really love her and you guys. Keep the faith and be strong. Love ya, Dorrell, Michele, Dylan & Baylee

  3. WOW, I wanted to thank you both for letting me take some of your precious time yesterday at the hospital. I pray that God continues to give you the strength that you need to make it through this. I have no doubt that Vittoria is in great hands and that Heavenly Father is well aware of her. Just a thought to share with you from President Eyring's conference talk. "the very opportunity for us to face adversity and affliction is part of the evidence of Their (Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ's) infinite love. God gave us the gift of living in mortality so that we could be prepared to receive the greatest of all the gifts of God, which is eternal life." I have no doubt that Vittoria is well on her way to receiving that greatest gift...Eternal Life! God bless your families as you face the challenges that lie ahead. Your strength will be magnified as you rely on Him. We love you and are praying for your little princess. love always,
    Mark, Kristina McAfee & Family

  4. Val and James, I found your blog yesterday and you and Vittoria have been in my constant thoughts and prayers since! I love you guys andadmire you for all you stand for! I know that you are fighting hard and I can invision Val and her Italian fiestyness fighting with all her strength!...I am sure your little angel has inherited that strength from her mom (and dad too!) Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help! Dinners, snacks at the hospital, baby sitter for little brother, etc. I live close to your home so please don't hesitate to ask! I love you! Nicki Ehlers