Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Evening Week 4

I guess I get to write again without ranting and raving. All the little stuff was taken care of today. We are making some progress with the visa extension for Val's mom. We have some bigger guns behind our cause. Tomorrow is a new day with many positive things happening. We know of two yard sale/boutique sale/bake sale/tool sale (NAPA donated crates of tools is my understanding). We are so humbled to have these things happening for Vittoria. Thank you, thank you , thank you!

Today was a big day for Vittoria. They first changed her arterial line, then they put in a pic line. Then they changed her dressings. She had an echo. All that moving around and now she is bleeding again. We are praying that it slows down. She was very awake this evening. We had some precious time with her and looking into those big gorgeous brown eyes. Our hearts melt being able to see those beautiful eyes. She wants so badly to talk, trying to pull the tube out of her mouth. We lost it when she looked her mother in the eyes and just started to cry. It was such a sad moment knowing that she had something to say but can't let us know what it is. I'm sure she is frustrated. We keep telling her how proud we are of her and how brave and strong she is. It seems to calm her down and give her strength.

It is late and we are tired. We will be praying that the bleeding will stop and that we can get the heart soon. Please join us. We can feel your prayers.

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  1. Is she able to write anything or is she too tubed and wired up? Love you guys!