Monday, August 24, 2009

Vittoria Got Her Birthday Wish

As you know Sunday was Vittoria's birthday. It was a hard day for us.

We stayed in Price and Sunday morning the whole family, aunt, uncle, and cousins gathered at my parents house for a "Scofield Breakfast" (eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, potatoes,and even fresh melon). The camp chefs were set up in the back yard and we had a garden breakfast.

Watching all of the little nieces run around and play was hard. We kept expecting Vittoria to come around the corner, or open the door and walk in with that big smile. We kept having that urge to go check on her to see where she was.... you know, that parental instinct.

The reality was starting to set in...

We spent some time out with the animals. We took Jacomo to see the chickens, horses and cows. He was having a good time. We even watched Grandpa Neil and Uncle Garth work with the little colt to teach her how to be lead by her halter. Again, our thoughts were consumed of how much she loved to be there. She loved to go sneak up on and catch the chickens.

Vittoria wanted to have a big birthday party. All summer, she kept trying to get us to organize a "water" party, where they could run in the sprinklers, throw water balloons, have water fights and play in the wading pool. We kept trying to persuade her away from that because we know she would be recovering from surgery and that wouldn't have been a good combination.

Well yesterday, we gathered together at the cemetery to have a balloon launch in her honor. We decided that since 5:46pm was when she was born and died, that we would launch the balloons then. We had 30 white, lavender, and purple balloons. It was so cool. They went straight up, and up and up. I have seen several balloon launches but never one where they didn't get carried off. These went straight up until we could just barely be seen with binoculars. It was awesome!

That is about the time Vittoria got her wish. The sprinklers came on right where we were all standing. There was no escape! We all got wet. No warning at all. They just came on and nailed all of us. Ironically, the first sprinklers to come on were right in the middle of the cemetery where we were standing.

It took the sting out of the moment. That was our little girl letting us know that she was all right. We all had a good laugh and the little cousins just played in the water.... just like Vittoria wanted.

She got her birthday wish....


  1. Been thinking about you guys so much.

  2. That story is priceless! Just want you to know we're thinking about you. Don't hesitate to call if we can do anything at all for you!!

  3. Funny how our loved ones let us know they are still around and calling the shots a little! We love you and are so blessed by our association with you and Vittoria.

  4. To be able to see the gift is an amazing moment .... Vittoria was for sure in on that one .... Our thoughts are with you {{{{♥♥♥}}}}

  5. That is so sweet! Thanks for sharing:)

  6. We barely missed you guys. The sprinklers were still going when we drove by.

    We all think of you and continue praying for you.

    Love, the Kellers

  7. I can just see her up there, bouncing up and down with a big wide grin on her face barely able to contain herself, telling the sprinkler angel to hurry up and turn them on before anyone gets out of the way!

  8. Thank you so much for sharing this story and for inviting us to be a part of her life! We love you!

  9. We have been praying for you guys, even our kids have remembered, little Sam, asked for comfort for "Vittoria's Mom and Dad" What tender mercies we are given at such hard times.
    Love, the Colts

  10. What an amazing story. It is beautiful how in some way or another they let us know that they are okay and that they are still there! I am so sorry for your loss, but I do know that through the gospel we will all be okay! Thank you so much for the honor of getting to know you and your family!
    Love, Your next door neighbor at the PICU
    Derek & Krystal Sorensen
    (Deyton's Parents!)

  11. This story made me smile! I can imagine Vittoria waiting for the perfect moment to show you guys she is still all around you...giggling the whole time in anticipation. What better way than that, right? What a sweet angel she is....tricks and all!
    Love Sy & Julie

  12. All along her life, hospital stay and return to Heavenly Father, Vittoria has been a living testimony that the impossible does not exist. Her life had such a huge impact on everybody she met. At her service I was thinking of a book that I had to read for my English class a few years ago " death of a salesman", where the main character was a salesman, who judged the success of people by going to their funeral to see how many paople would show up...the more people the more the success.
    At Vittoria's funeral I looked around the chapel and I saw, not only a lot of people, but young man and women, small children, and tough guys sincerily crying because they all knew that we will miss her.

    As parents we always worry about our children choices and if they will be enduring to the end so that we can be eternal families...Vittoria made it. Her life and death was not a case, she had a higher and much more important role than any of us and I sincerely believe that throughout her life she had a "direct line" with Heavenly Father. She was there at the cemetery for the celebration of her birthday and I have no doubt that she made those sprinklers go off ( they usually set them early in the morning or late at night... certainly not at 6:00 in the afternoon!!). I love you guys and I love Vittoria. She is truly an angel and we were all lucky to have our lives touched by her.

  13. I have been following your blog for just the past month or so and this just brought me to tears. It was almost like she turned those sprinklers on just to say "Hi guys, I'm here!" That is so wonderful, funny, and amazing!

  14. We all know that Vittoria is pretty persistent when it comes to the things she wants! Did you think it would be any different when she went home to Heaven? Of course she got her water party! And how sweet of her to spring the surprise party on you!

    I think and pray a lot for you all at this time. And even though we don't know each other, it is amazing the concern I can still feel for you. Please keep us posted on how you are doing! All of us web-friends worry about you!