Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wednesday Night Week 4

We have had a pretty good day. Things have been stable and we are holding on. We have had a chance to relax a bit. We are grateful for this.

Vittoria has been sleeping and resting most of the day. It has been nice to go in and hold her little hand and just be with her. She is still helping the nurses to get it right when they turn her and move her. She is so funny how she just has her own ideas and she gets what she wants.

We are on borrowed time. This needs to happen very soon. I have been telling everybody that it would happen Wednesday. We have about an hour and a half left. I had a friend ask me what I pray for today. I didn't answer thinking this was too personal of a question but I think I have shared it a few times before. I pray that if it is God's will that we have a heart, that he will bless and comfort the family that has experienced the loss and that they may have comfort knowing that their gift gave a second chance to one very amazing little girl. That is my prayer. I don't want to be selfish, but I want this little angel to have the opportunity to bless the lives of everyone she comes in contact with. She is touching the lives of so many people right now as she fights and God gives us these miracles that have brought her to this point. We have seen many miracles and 4 big ones that have changed the course of this story. We are praying for a heart and quick. Please join with us. Pray for our little princess, Vittoria, that she may get the second chance and receive this precious gift... a heart.

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  1. carissimi James e Valeria, non importa che sia mercoledì o giovedì...importante è che accada il miracolo tanto atteso e per il quale si sta pregando con una grande intensità da parte di tantissimi nel mondo. Le testimonianze di affetto che vi giungono devono confortarvi e aiutarvi a sperare, sperare, sperare. In ogni momento della nostra giornata ci siete voi, soltanto voi. Vi abbracciamo con l'affetto di sempre e date un bacio alla bravissima Vittoria. Zio Alberto e zia Tina