Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday Night Week 2

My heart is aching right now. We have had a very draining day. We were again faced with few options. By this afternoon, we called the family together again to say goodbye. We had that dreaded discussion with the doctor about when to decide to stop life sustaining activities and let her pass away. As we were facing the end, her surgeon came to talk to me about a last ditch effort to stop the bleeding. The bleeding is basically the root of most of our problems. It is almost midnight and Vittoria is in surgery. We are to the point of aggressive measures. We know that there is a high probability that she may not survive the surgery. When faced with desperate alternatives you must choose between desperate measures. I pray that she will forgive me if we are wrong or we will rejoice together if we were right. We saw one miracle already. I know in my heart that we are on the right path.

We had a very special moment before they took her back. She was awake and responding to us. We told here we were there and that we were not going anywhere. We told her it will be alright. We told her that we loved her more than life itself and that we knew that she loved us. She shook her head and began to cry. We told her that our Heavenly Father was with us and with her and that we will be proud of her and be okay with whatever she chose to do. She nodded her head. We held her hand and talked to her. I know she was scared and trying to be so brave. How we both wanted to hold her close and take away the fear. If only it were so easy.

So here we sit, praying, talking, waiting.... At any minute they could enter and tell us it is over. We are waiting praying and our hearts ache. We want the nightmare to be over and our Princess to stop suffering. She is so strong. She has been so brave. God is with us. God is with her. God is with her surgeon. We will be praying in gratitude for our miracle or in gratitude that our Heavenly Father called her home to his loving arms. Please pray for her and for us. Goodnight...

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