Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Miracle Witnessed

Thank you all for your love and support and all of the many many prayers. God is listening as witnessed in this hospital last night.

As you know, Vittoria went into surgery yesterday afternoon around 2pm. The transition to the new machine happened without a hitch. She is getting enough oxygen with her own lungs. All went pretty well except the bleeding in that little coronary artery that has been the problem all along. They couldn't get it to stop. The more they tried, the less they had to work with. After many hours, around 9pm, the surgeon came to speak to us. He explained everything in great detail and let us know that there was nothing they could do. He would basically return to the OR and close her up, bring her back to the ICU and let us share the last few hours with her before she passed.

We gathered the family and a few friends that were here at the time. Words cannot express the flood of emotion you feel of hopelessness and deep, deep sorrow. I cannot tell you how many time I hit my knees, pleading and praying for some type of understanding, of comfort, of peace. I felt that peace. I believe as a person passes that a veil is lifted and we are very close to heaven. I experienced it when my grandmother passed away and we were all at her bed-side. I thought that was what I was feeling. We knelt as a family and prayed. We waited for what seemed an eternity. Val screamed at one point that she cannot plan a funeral for her baby girl... I don't know what is worse, losing a child or knowing that you are about to lose a child.

They brought Vittoria back to the ICU. The nurse came to get us in the conference room they let us borrow to gather the family. She was smiling. We all thought that it was a little inappropriate. Val and I went back to be with our baby girl... Everyone was happy! Strange... One of the doctors explained that the surgeon had an idea to give it one last ditch effort and miraculously succeeded for the most part. It wasn't perfect but it was holding. The surgeon later came and explained that he had basically created a badminton basket looking thing out of some type of repair material to hold things in place. It was working...

Things are not perfect, but when are they in the ICU? Vittoria is holding her own for the time being. There are some clots that formed in her pump circuit. That is a dangerous thing. The tide could change at any moment. Our only hope is that a heart becomes available... and soon!

We are fighting. Vittoria is fighting. God is blessing her with a little while longer. It may be a long road... a short road... If only we could know. Right now we will love her and be by her side and pray.

I have learned to pray like I have never prayed before. We all have. It is impossible and sometimes inappropriate to share what has happened to me as I have prayed for my little princess. I know God is there and that sweet Vittoria is in his hands. I am not sure what his plan is for her, but I do know that our Heavenly Father does know us and especially her. His spirit is here in this hospital with us and so many of these precious kids and their families. Keep praying for our little Vittoria!


  1. Heavenly Father is listening I know. He loves you so much

  2. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all...
    Love, The Huish Family

  3. ♥ We are praying for you ♥ When prayers are all a person can offer it is nice to know they are being heard ♥

  4. We are also praying! Keep fighting, you will make it through this.

  5. Thank heaven for small and large miracles. I know that Heavenly Father knows Vittoria and her family intimately and loves all of you and is with you at this time.

  6. That is an amazing miracle!!! I know Heavenly Father is watching over your family and blessing you with everything you need. Your faith and strength are amazing. Thank you for sharing your experience. We love you all and are praying for you.

  7. She has touched so many hearts!!!!!
    What an example you guys are to us!!!

    Love ya,
    Shaunna Haslam

  8. James and Val,
    My heart, tears and prayers are with you and your little angel. I know how I felt during Amy's and Dueane's times in the hospital. No one knows the ache you feel in your heart. All of our family is concerned for all of you. You are just like our own family and will always be in our prayers. I couldn't have gotten through my trials without my faith in Jesus Christ and knowing that Amy would be with her Father in Heaven. All I could think was "This too shall pass." Also Amy was the one who kept me going when I would get down. She was something else. We are blessed to have Macie and be able to see her often. She fills a void in our lives. We think of you always. Susan Wilstead

  9. Val, James and Vittoria, I just heard about what's been going on. Jessie and I included you in our fast. We're praying for you. If we can help with anything, please let us know. If anyone from your family needs a place to stay, let us know. We're not far from the hospital. -Darrin Keller