Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday morning Week 3

So we were slackers last night and didn't write. Sorry about that. We had a bit of a situation going into the evening. We had to find out why Vittoria's left lung collapsed. They did an x-ray, echo and finally a scope inside. I have seen the inside of m daughter's lungs. Now how many parents can say that.... We found that the lungs are pretty healthy on the inside and were being smashed by something outside.

Vittoria had a quiet night for the most part. We haven't seen the latest x-ray and labs but her lungs seem to be a bit better, and she peed a bunch through the night. Oxygen was cut below 50% and it looks like her kidneys are working better. We will take that all as positive news. Now we just need a heart and we will have i made!

We are tired... In fact, I keep dozing off while I write. We had friends bring us in Hires burgers last night and I am still stuffed. Comfort food is good. The stress makes you lose weight and the comfort food puts it back on, so we should be about even...

Thank you all for your kind words, visits, and all of your prayers. It is a scary time for all of us. We appreciate the outpouring of love and help. Thank you all and keep praying for our little princess Vittoria!!

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