Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday Night Week 4

Today was a very eventful day. We have had the roller-coaster again today. The bleeding picked up so they had to start different blood products and meds to try to stop it. Then she started bleeding out of the bandages. Then they decided that the drainage tube was blocked by a clot, so they had to remove the clot inside her chest to open up the drainage.

On top of all of that, Vittoria is showing more and more attitude. She is aware of what is going on and is starting to fight against the nurses. She is getting better of telling them when she needs or wants something. She has developed a series of signs for different things like itching, wanting to turn, feeling cold and a couple others. She is so amazing, so strong.... so beautiful.

Today I had a chance to escape for a while (before I was urgently called back to the hospital) and go to the yard sale our friends in Kearns held for Vittoria. I was overwhelmed with emotion when I pulled up and saw what everyone was doing for us. Words cannot communicate the immense gratitude we feel toward you all. Thank you so very much. We also want to thank our friends at NAPA Balkamp for their generous contribution with the tool sale. Our dear friends from Eagle Mountain came to the hospital today and reported their success at their yard sale for Vittoria... despite the rain and wind. They decided to regroup and do it again next weekend. So many of you have done so many different things to help out. Thank you so much.

Our hearts are full of gratitude and love tonight. Despite the ups and downs of the journey, we have grown to love and appreciate so many of you so much more. I really have to thank those of you that have stepped into my roles in my profession and helped to carry forward my clients and responsibilities. Many of you have stepped up in ways that I didn't know about and am finding out about here and there as time goes on. I appreciate you all so much.

Sunday is my mother's birthday. A lucky day. Wouldn't that be the best birthday present she could ever have... a heart for her grand-daughter. That is our prayer and we ask you to join us, if it is God's will, that Vittoria can receive a heart, and soon.

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