Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday Night Week 2

Today was a relatively quiet day. It was nice to be surrounded by family and friends. We are exhausted after the episode of last night. We are planning to turn in early tonight.

Vittoria has been remaining stable throughout the day. As they were scanning her kidneys with an echo, they noticed a pocket of blood near her left lung. They did a procedure and got it draining... now it won't stop. Whether it is a bleed or the procedure that caused the bleed, who's to say. She is on a lot of heparin to not clot up the machine. They will try a few things to try and control the bleeding. The poor girl. They have kept her heavily sedated and paralyzed for the time being. We don't need her moving around right now.

The nurses and doctors are amazing. They work so hard for my princess and all of the other kids. Vittoria is kind of special, she gets two or three at all times. We are so grateful to them and their determination and compassion, not only for Vittoria, but for us too. I can't tell you how many times a nurse has given Val and I a hug. We have needed a ton of them. It is amazing how many times a nurse has found us in the cafeteria on their way home to stop and give us a hug and encouragement. That is someone who really truly cares with all of their heart.

We know that we may be on borrowed time. Vittoria is fighting. Even some of the nurses and doctors get chills when they talk about last night. I know it is in God's hands and if it is His will, a heart will be provided. At this point, I dare not speculate on where we are headed. I just know that God is listening and we are just following His lead at this point. We are praying we will know what to do next. Many people will be fasting and praying for our little angel as we go into another Sunday. We thank you. We pray with you.

Please keep us all in your prayers!


  1. I just can't find any words to express how we feel for you James and Val...Your strength and faith are such an example. Thanks for sharing such a personal experience. We keep praying and hoping for little Vittoria and all of you!

  2. there are no words to express our feelings. We are just praying and the Lord is listening

  3. Our grandson is a PCMC also we have watched your family for the last few weeks. We hope that your prayers will be answered and we pray for your family each day. We have gained strenghth by watching how you have handled a very difficult situtaion. Know that Heavenly Father hears and answers prayers. He knows each of us and will help us through difficult times.

  4. James & Val, Irene and Darrin Anderson asked me to send you their love. We are all praying for you!!