Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday Morning Week 4

(Mom's turn)It's my turn to write today. This morning at 6:30 when we showed up to check on Vittoria, they were getting ready to repeat the bedside procedure of last night. Another clot formed in the same chest tube of yesterday. Her bleeding unfortunately is still about the same, today they will try more meds to get it to stop. Her moving around and becoming agitated sure doesn't help at all. So they will keep her paralyzed for a few hours to see if the meds will work or not. They also will try to reposition her feeding tube which she had managed to pull a little section out. We know that she doesn't like her breathing tube: she has been trying to chew it off with her teeth, I'm pretty sure she is frustrated because she want to talk to us and can't. It's heartbreaking. And now more than ever she needs a heart, time is really running out.
We forgot to mention yesterday, or maybe James already did and I'm losing it, that Vittoria moved her left hand and arm for the first time in 25 days, since she suffered the stroke during surgery. It was beautiful to see her fighting with her little hand.

In exactly a week, on the 23rd of August it will be Vittoria's eighth birthday. Never I would have imagined to be here, with our baby girl in the fight for her life.

My heart literally hurts. I want to hold her so badly and snuggle with her, and most of all I want to hear her little tiny voice say "Ti voglio bene mamma" (I love you mom). I miss her bubbly and happy personality, for now I'm glad to see her feistiness and courage are still there.
Thank you for your love and support. Please continue to keep her in your prayers.


  1. It was good to talk to both of you yesterday and to meet more people that love you so much. You are still in our prayers & we hope you know how much we all love you. Thanks for letting us serve you & to witness miracles too! We are at $9724 and still going. I hope it will ease a small burden somewhere. May the Lord bless & keep you! I guess I'm done here, since I can't see the keyboard anymore. Love you!

  2. You are very much in our thoughts and prayers.

  3. Oh dear ones. I am in Mesquite on my way home and I know we have lost a precious girl this evening in our mortal existence. My heart is broken and I love you both so very much. It goes without saying that anything I have is yours. Just give me the word. I will see you soon. I also firmly believe Grandma was waiting for her.