Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Morning Week 3

(Mom's turn)-Vittoria had a stable night, which is good, she had her hair washed and braided again and she looks so pretty, just like a sleeping princess. Her eyes are taped shut with some gauze so that the swelling can go down and she also is under some lights to warm her up. They have been giving her a little bit of blood since last night. Some of her tubes have been draining some blood, probably some old blood by the look of it and they keep taking some out for testing. Right now they are putting in a hemofilter so that some of her swelling all over her body will go down and her kidneys and lungs will get a little bit of help to improve. I'm so proud of her, she is being so brave and even though she is scared at times, she is still fighting. I have been thinking about her little heart lately: it's so sick but so PERFECT in my eyes! The more time goes by, the less chances for healing, but in spite of all, I find myself dreaming that one day she wakes up and it's completely healed and there is no need for a transplant. Anyway, I guess every mother can dream.
Thank you Family, Friends and Friends whom we haven't met yet for all your prayers and love and support. We love you and we appreciate all you do for us. THANK YOU AND KEEP PRAYING FOR OUR PRINCESS!!


  1. Val & James, Vittoria is a fighter because you have taught her to be. She is such a special little angel. She's not giving up and neither are you and your families. That's pretty amazing. I've always known that your little family was something special. My parents are thinking about you and praying for you well as the rest of my family. We love you guys!

  2. Although we aren't there with you any longer I check this often and think of your entire family constantly. We are pulling for her and hope we made a lifelong friendship. Keep us updated and tell your parent's we said Hi and to keep being strong. That goes for all of you. Sorry Val that I didn't get to see you before we left.

    Love, the Dixon's