Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday Morning Week 4

(Mom's turn)- Another little miracle in Bed 8: Vittoria had a stable night, her bleeding has decreased some and she is still fighting. I have no words.

And that is all she wrote... my turn. Not a lot to report. We will have a little meeting today with all the doctors and see what options we have and what direction we are going. Everything has improved except the bleeding. That has to stop. The bleeding has slowed and we are praying that it continues to diminish.

Vittoria looks pretty good for everything she has been through. She is nice and pink and sassy. She lets the nurses know when she isn't comfortable and is a bit defensive this morning. You go girl!

We are tired but hanging in there. Some nice calm quiet days would be nice. We will see what today brings. Keep us in your prayers and especially our little Vittoria.



    Continuiamo a pregare per tutti voi.

    Gianluca e Paola

  2. Val and James, My little girl Hannah (same age as Vittoria) is now following your blog with me. She gets up every morning or after school and sits on my lap while we read together and then we say a prayer for you and Vittoria. I love you guys! I will pray for some peaceful days:)

  3. Dear James and Val and Family -

    I am one of Mary's friends and one of Tori's old dance students...I discovered your blog through their Facebook updates. I have been reading each day and hoping and praying that each post brings better news. I hope Vittoria continues to fight and you all continue to find comfort and peace through the situation. Your faith in our Heavenly Father has strengthened my own testimony. Your family will continue to be in my prayers.

    -Jamie Karpowitz

  4. We all continue to pray for Vittoria and her family!

  5. Vittoria has a sweet and strong spirit. I know she is will be fine and she will be with us in the next school year...This is my humble pray to our Heavenly Father that she continues getting better and better..plese let her knows that I say Hola! And that I love her too..