Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wednesday Morning Week 3

h. 7 am-(Mom's turn)- sorry for the last on line post: I accidentally pushed the "publish post" button, see that's another reason why I don't write posts, anyway let's give it another try. After a few hours of sleep, I went to see how Vittoria spent the night. Her little kidneys are still ok, but the numbers are higher so her urine output is not as much as the past couple of days. We are waiting for the doctors to do their rounds and come up with a plan. When I thought that things started to look better and her condition was improving, there is another setback. I just pray that they can get her kidneys to function again like before and that she is still a candidate to receive a heart and that she is fighting....well I know she is: at 4 am she started to get mad at the nurses,(she has EVERY right to), moving around, with a little frown on her face. They gave her some meds to calm her down, since too much movement can cause her tubes to come out of her heart, but she wouldn't. They finally succeeded, reassuring her that we were there and that she was ok. It's just heart wrenching to know that she is so agitated and sad: I just want to grab her and hold her tight like when she was a baby, comfort her and see her smile.

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